Card size yarns

CARD is the 10 meter pack of jewel threads with which you can make a 1.5 meter long crochet chain necklace. With one card you can make a 1.5m long necklace or many bracelets. Choose the color and thread you prefer from the proposed range. QUALITY AND COLOR CORRESPONDS TO THE ROLL FORMAT that you find in other categories.

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CARD Sorrento Strong

Sorrento Strong is a viscose yarn lamè nickel free. It’s a...


Elastic lamé

Lamè is an elastic yarn, 0.5mm thick. Sparkling, luxurious and...


Tulle bow

Tulle bow yarn. Sold in 4.5 mt. It is delicious yarn in tulle...


CARD Sorrento

Sorrento is a viscose yarn lamè nickel free. It’s a micro cord...

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